Projet Z is a fun and educational app launched by Zero Waste Québec for the 20th th edition of the Quebec Waste Reduction Week. The app, available on Apple and Android devices, proposes different reduction challenges you can take on, while also learning new eco-friendly and responsible ways to consume.

You don’t have to be a zero-waste expert to participate. Beginner or advanced, you’ll find stimulating challenges whatever your level is!

Special thanks to our app developer


Start by downloading the app on your phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android)

Sign up

  • Before using the Projet Z app, make sure you have an Internet connection.

  • Create an account and connect securely.

  • Fill in your personal information.

  • We strongly encourage you to calculate your ecological footprint before starting the challenges in order to know the impact of your consumption and motivate you to reduce!

  • You can calculate your ecological footprint from your profile.

Discover reduction challenges

  • Select one of the challenge categories.

  • Watch the presentation video and unlock all the challenges.

  • Browse the subcategories.

  • Select a challenge and learn more about its related environmental issues.

  • Use the back arrow to return to the previous page.

Complete challenges and earn points

  • Select a challenge for more details.

  • Choose from three options:

    • I accept this challenge: complete the steps and earn points.
    • I cannot complete this challenge: invite a friend to complete this challenge for you and earn points.
    • I regularly complete this challenge: earn points.
  • Discover tips and tools to help you complete your challenges!

  • Complete all the steps of a challenge to earn points and get a chance to win prizes (between October 15 and November 15).

  • Some challenges are ongoing challenges: each time you complete one of these challenges, mark it in the app and earn reward badges!

Invite friends and be part of a group

  • Go to your profile to invite friends, family and colleagues.

  • Choose from many platforms (Messenger, text message, email) to send them a pre-written message.

  • Create, join or change groups. When you are part of a group, you can see how many points you earn together. When we work collectively, our results are even more impressive!

  • Join a group by using a QR code or a digital code sent by a friend.

  • Invite friends to a group by sending them a digital code.

Track your challenges

  • On the main page, find the challenges you have already started.

  • Click on a challenge to continue completing the steps of that particular challenge.

Learn more about Projet Z

  • Select the information page.

  • Discover our partners who have made this project possible.

  • Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

  • Read our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and the details about the prizes you could win.



Projet Z was launched during the 20th anniversary of the QWRW. However, it remains a useful tool all year round. The challenges will be updated over time and other features will be added after taking into consideration user experience and feedback. Don’t hesitate to contact us to share your ideas and feedback. Share the app with everyone you know. Together, we can reach our reduction targets!